~ As the third form of my overseas career

I believe now that I have the qualification to share my experience and knowledge of living in Asia for 23 years with people in need in Japan.

The word globalism and diversity has spread to many people, but unfortunately, many Japanese have not yet visited overseas. Only 25% of the population has a passport. And it would be nice if many of the 25% of them would have had several short trips. In 2000, 1.6 million people from Japan visited overseas. However, the number only slightly increased to 1.8 million in 2017.

On the other hand, the number of tourists visiting Japan from abroad has continued to increase substantially. The number of visitors to Japan, which was 4.75 million in 2000, reached 28.7 million in 2017. From now on, international events such as the Rugby World Cup, Tokyo Olympics, Osaka Expo will be held, and the number will be further increased.

Isn’t the era increase substantially responding to this situation over? Isn’t the time to think that it’s okay because sales will increase if the number of visitors to Japan increases? Even if the Japanese believe that it is not necessary for them to go abroad to study or to make efforts, it is a time when people, goods, and money from overseas people rush to Japan.

From the time when we were thinking about how to get money from the ever-increasing number of tourists, we have shifted to a time when the concept of the DMO to consider the area more rooted in marketing and management is needed. Not only does it attract Asian people like tourists, but it also begins to work together and to live together as a partner who builds society and culture.

Asians understand Japanese more. Japanese understand Asian more. Then we should be able to notice a better relationship with each other. While respecting Asians, Japanese should make an effort to sell their own value more. Creating something good and selling it cheap doesn’t always mean the other person. I think that you should cherish those who accept good things as good and buy them high.

Fortunately, I have been working and living in Asia for 23 years. It would be nice if you could get in touch with us through what you actually experienced.

For example, the following can be considered.
-About working in Asia
-Living in Asia
-Hiring people in Asia
-Marketing in Asia
-Accept the difference
-It is also vital to argue
-Experience failure and try again
-On the idea of connecting Asia and Japan.